lunes, 29 de junio de 2015

Diario Británico Publica fotos de la Base Militar que tienen en nuestras Islas Malvinas. Las fotos primeras son nuestras, !!! las de los britanicos muestran detalles interiores d ela estructura. Califican el incidente como fuga de secretos militares.. Imbéciles Piratas


Details about British base on the Falklands including co-ordinates of facilities and runway information are left open to the public on MoD website after security gaffe 

  • The MoD accidentally published information on Falklands RAF base online
  • Mount Pleasant aerodrome is home to four Eurofighter Typhoon jets 
  • Argentina is considering leasing 12 Sukhoi SU-24 bombers from Russia
  • The supersonic attack aircraft can carry 3,000kg of bombs 650 miles 
The airstrip, pictured, is home to four Europfighter Typhoon aircraft tasked with defending the islands

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The jets are housed in hangers just off the main runway where they can be airborne quickly to intercept any potential aircraft inbound from Argentina in the event of a new conflict

The MoD published the Aerodrome Manual on their website where it could be downloaded by anyone

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